Red List of South African Species

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Least Concern (LC)

Rationale (Changed due to Same category and criteria)

Widespread and common outside South Africa, Lesotho and Eswatini (Swaziland). Although known from only three localities within South Africa (Bates et al. 2010), it is not considered to be under any tangible threats.


Distributed widely in southern Africa, occurring in Botswana, eastern Namibia, southern Zambia and northern Zimbabwe, and extending as far east as mid-Mozambique (Branch 1998, Bates et al. 2014). In South Africa it is known only from the Nylstroom-Vaalwater area of Limpopo, the Vryburg area of North West Province, and east of Upington in the Northern Cape (Bates et al. 2010), with an estimated extent of occurrence of more than 192,000 km2.

Population trend


There is no quantitative information available, but the species is considered to be stable.


There are no substantial threats to this species.

Uses and trade

The species is not used or traded.


None recommended.

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