Red List of South African Species

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Data Deficient (DD)
Assessors: Albert Chakona
Contributors: Ernst Swartz Dean Impson
Facilitators: Dewidine Van Der Colff
Reviewers: Olaf Weyl


Several different lineages have been discovered in this species that requires a taxonomic revision. Several of these lineages will be threatened with extinction, but no reliable assessment can be made without understanding the distribution and taxonomic status of these lineages.


The species as currently described has a broad distribution range across the Cape Fold Ecoregion of South Africa, but a number of genetic lineages with restricted geographic ranges have been identified from previous and ongoing studies (Roos 2005, Chakona et al. 2013, Bronaugh 2016).

Population trend


Several large and secure populations exist across its range.


Alien invasive fish species is the major threat (Ellender et al., 2011). Habitat destruction through bulldozing and complete abstraction of water, which both seriously impact the low gradient stream sections which are the optimal habitat for this species (Chakona & Swartz 2012), represent another serious threat.


No specific conservation actions are planned for this species. Many of the remnant populations occur outside protected areas.

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