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A range-restricted endemic taxon found in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa (EOO 191 km<sup>2</sup>). This is a very rare taxon, with a relatively small extent of occurrence. However, it faces no threats at present. The few known colonies are scattered, due to the taxon's strict habitat requirements. The taxon thus qualifies globally under the IUCN criteria as Least Concern and is nationally classified as Rare (Restricted Range and Habitat Specialist).


Endemic to the Northern Cape Province in South Africa, restricted to the Hantamsberg north of Calvinia, and to a small area north-east of Middelpos.

Population trend


There are two locations. The summit of the Hantamsberg harbours one subpopulation, consisting of several small colonies. The second location is approximately 55 km further south-east, north-east of Middelpos.


This is a rare and localized taxon, but it is not subject to any significant threat at present.


No conservation actions recommended.

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