Red List of South African Species

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Endangered (EN)


Only known from four well separated locations along mountain rivers in the south western Cape. Based on the extent of occurrence of 751 km², an area of occurrence of 28 km², the presence of this species in 4 locations (Bain'Kloof Paas, Jonkershoek and Kasteel Mts) with unfitting habitat in between and ongoing habitat deterioration due to intensification of agriculture and water extraction, the species is listed Endangered. Only one record is from a protected area.


Syncordulia serendipator is endemic to the south-western Cape. Current records extend from Riebeek-Kasteel mountain in the north to Jonkershoek in the south.

Population trend


No information regarding the population trend, size or status is available.


Habitat alteration from a number of different sources including pollution, water extraction, dams and invasive species.


More information on distribution and ecology is urgently needed.

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