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Least Concern (LC)


This ubiquitous and nomadic species is widespread with no known major threats. It is therefore assessed as Least Concern.


Trithemis kirbyi is widespread from Africa (except in rainforest areas) to India. The range is extending to the north and it recently began to spread in southern Europe (southern Spain, Sardinia). Surprisingly, it does not occur in the Levant and large parts of the Middle East.

In the Arabian Peninsula, Trithemis kirbyi is widespread on the western and eastern margins, where it remains confined to the southern half of the peninsula. One hundred and twenty five records are available from 88 distinct localities in 65 sites over 1,300,000 km². Thirty-eight percent of the records dates from 1990 onwards but only nine percent are from 2000 onwards. Recently, new records are available from 2009, 2010 and 2011 (Samraoui pers. obs., Schneider pers. obs.).

Population trend


This species was always common in large parts of its African and Arabian range and increased during the last 50 years in the Maghreb. It recently (in 2008) crossed the Straight of Gibraltar to settle in Spain and the Mediterranean to reach Sardinia. European subpopulations are still low but will probably increase during the next decades due to climate change.


This species is not under threat at the global scale, although pollution and over use of water by humans may cause it to decline locally.

Uses and trade

This species is not utilised.


This opportunistic and ubiquitous species does not need conservation actions.

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