Red List of South African Species

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Least Concern (LC)


This is a widespread species with no known major threats and it is unlikely to be declining fast enough to qualify for listing in a threatened category. Therefore, it is assessed as Least Concern.


This species is widespread but scarce in open marsh of tropical Africa from Sudan to South Africa and in western Africa. In northeastern Africa, this species is only recorded from Sudan and South Sudan. The type locality is Bhar el Ghaza in South Sudan and it is known from the Khartoum area (El Amin El Rayah and El Zubeir 1984). Though the records are sparse, the records cover a great distance and mirror the missing surveys in this area. In southern Africa, this species occurs in the tropical north, southwards to Natal. It does not occur in the arid southwest or at the Cape. In western Africa, there are records from Gambia, Ghana and Nigeria.

Population trend


The population size and trend are unknown. However, this species is unlikely to be declining at a fast rate across its whole range.


No precise information is available on threats in most parts of its range. In South Africa, poor catchment management, which exacerbates floods, is the most important threat (Samways 2006).

Uses and trade

This species is not used.


It occurs in protected areas in parts of its range. In South Africa, monitoring of its range area is required (Samways 2006). No information is available from elsewhere in its range.

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