Red List of South African Species

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Least Concern (LC)


This is a widespread species with no known major threats and it is unlikely to be declining fast enough to qualify for listing in a threatened category. Therefore, it is assessed as Least Concern.


Orthetrum trinacria is widespread throughout the whole of Africa, except in the tropical rainforest, and the Middle East, and reaches the south of Europe. The easternmost localities are in western Iran, the northernmost ones in northern Sardinia. Former records from Anatolia are doubtful but recent authenticated records from northern Syria, southern Turkey, Greece, Malta and southwest Iberia point toward a recent expansion and increase in density of this species to the north, probably due both to climate warming and construction of new man-made pools which are promptly colonised.

Population trend


This Afrotropical species is generally met in large colonies where it is found in Africa and southern Europe.


Habitat modification caused by agriculture and water pollution impacts this species, although it is not considered to be affecting this species at global level.

Uses and trade

This species is not utilised.


This is a widespread and common species and no specific actions are required at the global scale. Taxonomic investigations about the status of Iraqi subpopulations are recommended.

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