Red List of South African Species

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Least Concern (LC)


This species is widespread, common and increasing in range in some parts of the world. It is therefore assessed as Least Concern.


This species is widespread in Africa, southern Europe, the Middle East and west Asia, extending as far east as Yunnan in China. It is absent from southeast Asia and its Asian distribution is essentially Himalayan: Nepal (Asahina 1965, Mahato 1988) and northern India with records from Assam (Schneider 1995) and West Bengal (Peters 1981). In the last two decades it has been strongly expanding its range in the north of Europe, being now indigenous to many areas were it previously did not occur (Ott 2007). This species is common and widespread all over Africa and is known from all countries apart from Burundi and its presence is uncertain in Lesotho.

Population trend


This species is common in most of its range, and in Europe it is steadily expanding its range northwards.


This species is not under any specific threat.

Uses and trade

This species is not utilised.


No conservation measures are needed.

Lead agencies, Partners, Funders and Data providers

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