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Least Concern (LC)


This is a widespread species with no known major threats, and is therefore assessed as Least Concern.


Anax ephippiger is an obligate Afro-tropical migrant which expands north with the seasonal monsoon fronts. It may reach far to northern latitudes and has been found dead or dying in Iceland in the past. The winter/spring 2011 migration will remain one of the most famous in Europe as it reached a very large area in France and the UK and was even found in the Faroe Islands. This species is thus known from a huge range [one male was even captured in the French Guiana in South America some year ago (Machet and Duquef 2004)] and reproduce temporarily in the Palearctic (northern Africa, Europe, central and southern Asia ). The new generation leaves its native countries for unknown destinations. All the areas in which this species reproduces successfully pertains to its range, although it does not occupy them all year round or every year.

Population trend


This is a common species, though no population trend has been established. Huge seasonal swarms are known in the Palearctic with origins in tropical Africa and reproduction more northerly. The rate of reproduction in the Paleactic and further migrations is under the dependence of the wet season and the number of flooded temporary pools, as well as the temperature.


This species has no threats at the global scale, although local declines may occur due to habitat destruction and water pollution.

Uses and trade

There is no use or trade information for this species.


This common, widespread species does not require immediate conservation attention. It occurs in multiple protected areas across its wide range.

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