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Least Concern (LC)


In 1996, Chlorolestes draconicus was assessed as Lower Risk, Near Threatened (LR/nt). Since then, further subpopulations have been found, all in a large protected area of the Drakensberg. Also, the habitat is being improved through removal of alien pine trees through the "Working for Water" programme. Its distribution range is 20,000 kmĀ², population is estimated at greater than 12,000 and is now stable. Therefore, it is currently assessed as Least Concern.


This species is now known to be widespread throughout high elevation (higher than 1,700 m asl) in Lesotho, South African Drakensberg Mountains.

Population trend


The population is probably at least 10,000 individuals and stable.


With proclamation of the transfrontier Drakensberg Park, a huge area is now protected which adequately conserves this species. Invasive pine trees were formerly a threat, but these are now being removed.


Much of the population occurs within protected areas. Invasive trees are being removed. No additional measures are currently required for this species.

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